Saturday, March 19, 2011

welcoming spring

It's finally starting to warm up - meaning temperature highs are now in the 40s (or 5 celcius). It's amazing how everything is relative, isn't it? 40s in Minne-snowta already feels like spring! The snow has started to melt and the sidewalks have reappeared. The coming days are only going to get better and brighter.

To usher in the season, I baked a batch of colorful M&M cookies.

We also spruced up the living room with some new pillows.

And I have brought out more colorful pieces of clothing to wear!

How have you been preparing for spring?


grnteagirl said...

lookin' good trix! i envy you, you're payatot na!!

The Missus said...

thanks, tina! naku, i really make an effort to run or do some sort of physical activity.


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