Monday, March 7, 2011

a bud's life

It's already the second week of March and there is still snow outside. Despite the the not-so-ideal conditions, life goes on. I do my best to provide Bud with fun and enriching activities and Bud has likewise entertained me thoroughly.

A typical day for us would start with a hearty breakfast followed by a trip to an indoor playground. Wednesdays are extra special because he gets to see his classmates in school. It's an hour and a half in the week when he gets to be independent and I get to chat uninterrupted with other moms.

As soon as we get back from our morning activities, we have lunch then I put him down for a 2-3 hour nap, depending on how exhausted he is.

Afternoons are spent monkeying around the house, literally. He loves wearing his monkey costume from last Halloween. Here he's a monkey chef. Notice how he has a better looking cardboard kitchen? This is version 2.0, more polished and sturdy. We also got him some kiddie cooking pans from Ikea to complete the set.

To help Bud develop his gross motor skills, we do a lot of strengthening activities during the week. One of them is yoga. Just the mere mention of yoga and he'll immediately do a downward dog. Look at him trying to do a cobra pose, a bow pose and a dead bug pose.

We try to squeeze in some arts and crafts if we have time. Here's one of our latest projects inspired by paper leaves. I have a habit of keeping all sorts of used wrapping paper and magazines which came in handy for this project (and also explains the wrinkled paper).

Bud's cheerful personality never fails to brighten up even the most dreary of winter days. I always thank God for giving me such an amazing little boy!

“Children love to walk in their parent's shoes; make sure they have strong "souls".”

-Vanese Henley

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grnteagirl said...

loving your new kitchen! it looks awesome! cute monkey too -- that is max's same exact costume for his first ever halloween! don't you just want to trade places with our kids, even just for a day??!


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