Tuesday, March 8, 2011

home improvement: picture wall

We finally finished our picture wall project for our dining area! Up on the wall is a collection of photographs taken during our travels. We had our photos printed at Costco and mounted them on Ribba frames from Ikea.

I know the photos don't do justice to the collection but I was just too excited to share them with you.

Before you start your DIY picture wall, here are some tips I would like to share from our experience.
#1 Have an visual reference for the layout before you buy your frames and print your photos.
#2 Make paper mock ups of your frames that you can tape on the wall so you can easily measure and adjust to your desired layout.
#3 Start at the center of your wall so you can keep adding more frames on each side.
#4 You can drill through the paper mock ups to get a more accurate measure of where the hooks should be.

Happy nesting, bunnies!

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