Friday, September 7, 2007

Rantings of a hormonal missus

I just need to vent....I hate Manila traffic! I also don't enjoy not being able to just walk around whenever i want because it's not always safe. I feel so constrained. There are so many things i want to do and so many people i want to meet but the there are so many considerations before i can leave the house. First i have to make sure that the car has the right plate number ending to drive around town then i have to give approx 1 hour travel time to go wherever.

I don't like sitting around all the time (which is what everyone does here in Manila). I haven't been exercising and I feel really fat and lousy. It's not that i'm complaining about all the good meals we've been sharing with family and friends. I'm just frustrated that i can't walk around or do any exercise.

Another thing i hate is waiting...why can't everything just be fast and efficient?? I'm running out of patience.....

Lastly, it's too hot and humid here in Manila. WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!


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