Sunday, August 8, 2010

Uptown Art Fair

One of my favorite places to visit here in the Twin Cities is Uptown Minneapolis. I just love the eclectic vibe it exudes. It's a community that celebrates life, culture and arts. Young denizens of the Twin Cities (and the occasional tourists, like me) come here for the multi-ethnic restaurants and specialty boutiques.

It was a good thing I heard about the Annual Uptown Art Fair in the evening news last week and so we went last Saturday. Apparently it's held every first weekend of August (better keep that in mind for next year). There were over 200 photographers, painters, mixed media artists and other artisans who participated. And even more urbanites who came to appreciate the exhibit despite the scorching heat.

My favorite pieces from the exhibit were from John Booth and Dolan Geiman. John Booth's paintings are like bubble gum art with attitude. I can imagine his paintings as wall art for Bud's room. On the other hand, Dolan Geiman's mixed media artworks remind me of pages from Nick Bantoc's Griffin and Sabine series. I love his use of birds and prints in his pieces.
fall foliage by Dolan Geiman

synonyms by Dolan Geiman

seven seasons by Dolan Geiman

Too bad I couldn't showcase John Booth's prints here in my blog. I do hope you check out his website to see his quirky artworks.

Here's another one of my favorite budding artists at work...

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finger paint by Bud
medium: homemade paint


Anonymous said...

did u say "homemade" paint? howdya do it??? anonymously urs, jill:-)

memoir of a missus said...

Jillie!!! Yes, homemade paint. You can check out for the recipe.


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