Wednesday, August 18, 2010

random midweek musings

Can't believe the week is almost over!

Bud has been out of sorts the past couple of days. He's been having trouble sleeping through the night due to a nasty cold. And you know what lack of sleep does to a baby. He's terribly whiny and cranky during the day. To add to that, he's also gone on a food strike. He wouldn't eat any of his meals except for some saltine crackers and fruits. Hopefully he will feel 100% better tomorrow and be back to his usual cheerful, happy self.

I gave the little guy license to watch TV since he was feeling under the weather

On top of my mommy duties, I've also been busy with the preparations for our business trip to Dallas, Texas. Dear hubby's new project is based in Dallas which means he will have to be there 4 days of the week, every week until the end of the year. No way we're going to stay behind here in Minnesota so we're tagging along. I'm actually looking forward to the change in scenery and I'm pretty excited about the prospects of new adventures in Dallas.

In between juggling my many hats this week, I've been diligently sending out birthday greetings to family and friends who are celebrating their birthdays this month.

Speaking of birthdays, my friend, Faye, who is also an August celebrant, is having a blog blowout. She's giving away a Fossil watch and some Kate Spade purses. Visit her site to find out more.

Last but not least, P introduced me to 2 years ago but I was too busy with being a new mommy back then that I totally forgot about it. Good thing I stumbled across it again today. It's really hilarious. Gave me an idea about making a list of Stuff Pinoys in America like. Haha. #1 cooking Pinoy dishes #2 having potlucks #3 shopping at the outlet mall #4 buying Coach bags #5 wearing Ralph Lauren. Feel free to add to this list if you have any more ideas.


grnteagirl said...

hi trix! nice to see that you blog too! i've been soooo MIA with my blogging, no time na kasi, but now, you inspire me to blog again... hopefully, i find time soon. i miss it... anyways, stuff pinoys like -- does "a meal without rice is not a meal at all" count? haha -- Tina

memoir of a missus said...

Hey Tina! Nice to know I have another reader aside from Pet, haha. Yes, you're so spot on... pizza and kfc without rice is not a meal! We should collect all our ideas and blog about it.

grnteagirl said...

and while we're on rice... i think only pinoys eat pansit and rice together -- haha, ulamin daw ang pansit! taob ang atkins diet!


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