Friday, August 27, 2010

proper perspective

Our 2-week holiday in Dallas officially came to an unexpected halt last night. The most surreal and unimaginable episode happened. Suddenly, things fell into proper perspective. None of the material things matter in life as long as my family is safe and in good health. I am grateful that God has blessed me with a steadfast and loving husband and an amazing son.

I don't know if I could ever write about what happened last night. I did find another mom who went through the same ordeal and she put into words exactly how I felt. I'm sure she wouldn't mind that I'm sharing her story here.

To my mom friends, please do take time to read her story. I don't wish this on anyone but it is best to be well-informed and prepared.


amischmashedlife said...

Trix, my heart goes out to you, Bud, and Pet. I know how stressful it can be when our little ones get sick but I can only imagine what you and Pet and (Bud too!) had to go through. I hope all of you are well. Hugs to Bud!

memoir of a missus said...

Thanks, Miks! Bud is doing so much better now. Turned out he had an ear infection. We've been spoiling him rotten since we brought him back from the hospital.

vitaMinn style said...

So scary! Judging from your recent posts, it looks like Bud is ok now... glad to know that!!

Take care!!


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