Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hello and goodnight from Dallas

I am typing away from my office desk here in our hotel room in Dallas, our home away from home for the next 9 days. I’m glad we have enough time to recover from (and forget about) our very exhausting flight. Traveling with a toddler is really a test of patience and endurance. It’s a good thing Bud is making up for it with all his new tricks and funny antics. Can you believe we will be flying back and forth every 2 weeks? Calling out to all the mommies out there who always travel with your little ones, I would really appreciate if you could share travel tips with me.

Mommy's little helper

I’m still very lucky though as I couldn’t ask for a better travel companion/partner than P. I’m so thankful I married a man who takes charge and still manages to be very thoughtful. P is such a boy scout! Geez, I can’t believe I’m blushing like a schoolgirl while writing this!

Better end this post now. Will be writing more tomorrow. Good night!


Faye said...

We will miss you Bud!!:)

grnteagirl said...

how many hours is your flight? our flight to Maui was very very very very looooong... i brought all of Max's fave snacks and some new ones, new toys [i highly suggest doodlepro and crayola mess free color wonder], a laptop to play his fave dvd's -- but since our flight was too long, he still got bored even with everything i brought. but the best advice i got from friends was to give benadryl -- i was opposed to it in the beginning, but because of what we had to endure on the first leg of our trip, we decided to give it a try on our way back home and it actually worked wonders :)


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