Thursday, August 12, 2010

toddler mealtime tricks

I believe all moms will agree that feeding a toddler could be quite challenging (even more so for moms like me who don't have a nanny). It's a tedious task of preparing a balanced meal, enticing them to eat it, teaching them how to feed themselves, keeping them in their chairs and most of all making sure they finish the food that you served them. Then repeat three times a day! Oh, and did I mention we have to clean up after their mess?

Bud is not a picky eater and has a very healthy appetite. However, he's at a stage where his curiosity and his eagerness to practice his newly discovered skills take precedence over food. These days it's hard to keep him in his chair during mealtimes without being distracted. So instead of stressing over it, I decided to just embrace the situation and make mealtimes an opportunity for learning and playing.

One thing he likes to do these days is to point and ask "ah dat?" (translated: what's that). When it's my turn to ask him to point to parts of his body, objects, animals and food he eagerly obliges. And so every mealtime we play "show mama". I would ask him to show me where his spoon is or where the banana is (or whatever food is on the table). Once he points to it I would then ask him to show me how he puts it in his mouth. yes, score!

Another thing that keeps him interested and entertained is having Mr. Bear (aka honey bottle from target) as a meal buddy. He shares his food and his drink with Mr. Bear. When I sense that he's getting distracted, I would say "Mr. bear is still hungry. Can you give him more food, please". After he gestures to give Mr. Bear food, he would put the food in his mouth. mommy wins this round again!

And because mealtimes are so much fun, here's how my little guy looks like when we're done....

Just seeing him this happy makes everything worthwhile.


vitaMinn style said...

Haha! That's too funny... and not to mention, very clever too!! =)

memoir of a missus said...

Thanks, Ils! I have a BIG bag of toddler tricks in case you need some ideas in the future :)


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