Thursday, August 4, 2011

mommy musings

Inspired by the words of my favorite bloggers, Topaz Mommy and Cup of Jo, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my thoughts and feelings about motherhood - how it has changed my life; it's joys and challenges. I don't get to talk to other moms as often as I would like to and maybe, just maybe, with this weekly post I would like to call "mommy musings", we could exchange insights and experiences.

Let me start this series by saying, no matter how cliche it sounds, motherhood really did change my life. If I had to choose just one word to describe how I have changed, I would say I have been empowered.

I've had a really delicate pregnancy. Doctors were already discussing with us the possibility of losing the baby. Miraculously, I gave birth to our son on my 30th week. He was a fighter and a survivor. Even while he was still in my womb, I could feel that he had the will to live and see the world. He was only 2.5lbs when he was born and he stayed in the NICU for 2 months before coming home with us. I could say he's the most determined person I know.

Just the fact that he was born, I know that God has amazing plans for my little boy. I always tell him that he could be whatever he wants to be. There's a scene from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness when Cris Gardner (Will Smith) told his son "Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Not even me". Maybe when Bud is old enough to understand (and not misconstrue my words), I would use that line with him.

I would like to ingrain in my son's mind that he can do whatever he puts his heart and mind into. I figured, the best way to teach a child is by example. So here I am, trying to teach by example and practicing the "can do" attitude. I am trying to be the best person I could be. I make the most out of the situation I am in and I try to be the best at what I do.

Relocating to the US was no walk in the park for us but we did it anyway because it was the right thing to do for our family. With only 5 suitcases and our closest family 400 miles away, it was a challenge. But even without any help we overcame. With a little less complaining and a lot more "can do" mentality, our little family is thriving and happy. There's nothing I wouldn't and couldn't do for my two boys.

I've always wanted to run a marathon but I always thought it was a lofty dream. My perception changed when I became a mom. I don't want to live a life of what-ifs and could-haves. I want to tell my children about stories that inspire. That's why I've been training for a half marathon for 2 months now. I want to be able to tell my children about it and inspire them. If other people can do it, then so can I and so can you.

What about you? What life lessons would you like to share with your children?

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vitaMinn style said...

what an inspiring post, trix! i want to give bud a big hug, the poor little bear has been through so much. what a fighter he is!

i need to take on a can do attitude too! i will remind myself this whenever i go through something tough - aka jogging!


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