Friday, July 29, 2011

easy strawberry tarts

Found this recipe for Strawberry Brown Butter Bettys from Smitten Kitchen last night and I couldn't wait to make it for breakfast this morning. It's very much like buttered toast with strawberry jam but so much more decadent.

I tweaked the recipe a bit and went easy on the butter. Instead of using 3/4 of a stick, I just used 1 tbsp. Also, I didn't have panco breadcrumbs and was too lazy to make some from scratch so I mixed oatmeal with the strawberries instead.

Forgot to charge the camera's battery this morning so please excuse the blurry food shots below. I thought I would still take some shots with the lousy camera just to show you that I really made them.

Have a yummy weekend, bunnies!

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