Friday, April 20, 2012

the week in photos

I just recently discovered Instagram and I am hooked! It's a really great way to stay connected with family and friends through photos. Let me share with you some snaps from our week.

I made pancakes from scratch! Will share the recipe in another post.
The little guy loves his pancakes. He said they were soft like pillows.
We spent an afternoon at the Children's Museum.
Parade time! We have been recounting and retelling the story a million times.
Parade essentials - noise makers.
When you only have 2 minutes to get dressed - khakis, stripes and sneakers.
Fresh batch of books from the library.
Wore this to Bud's mom and me class and came home splattered with paint.
I feel presents become even more memorable when they are wrapped with a little more thought. 

See you on Instagram!

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