Monday, April 2, 2012

monday musings

Happy Monday, Bunnies! How was your weekend? Ours was spent decluttering and reorganizing our closets and storage areas. It was a quiet break from the past two weekends of catching up with friends over decadent food and bottles of wine way past the kiddos' bedtimes. But just the same, I felt like the days went by so fast.

I wonder, do you bring your kids with you when you get together with your friends? We've never ever tried leaving the little guy with a babysitter so we always bring him with us wherever we go. To some degree I feel like an irresponsible parent when we lay him down to sleep on the floor (on a blanket, of course) during our late-night soirees but then again we need to socialize and have stimulating conversation with other adults once in a while. I just tell myself that the pros of having some semblance of our pre-parenthood life outweighs whatever discomfort the little guy may be feeling. If anything, it will probably make him a well-adjusted kid in the long run.

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