Tuesday, April 3, 2012

look better in photos

A couple of weekends ago, during one of our "playdates", my girlfriends, Ila and Faye, thought it would be a good idea to practice some of the tips on how to look good in a photo which they recently picked up from one of the photography seminars they attended. Nobody really protested when they brought up the idea. I was even the first to volunteer. I blame the wine for that. But seriously, we had crazy fun!

So here's what I remember from that silly afternoon.

Tip#1: Stand Contrapossto. Twist your body and lean toward the camera putting your weight on your front foot.

Tip #2: Create gaps to look slimmer than you actually are. Easiest way is to put your hands on your hips.

Tip #3: Lower your chin to play up your eyes. Try looking down then slowly look up at the camera. Don't forget to smile.

Taking directions from Ila
Is this Facebook profile pic material or what? Haha!
Go ahead, try it with your girlfriends! Send me copies of your pictures :)

(photos courtesy of Faye)

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