Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ice cream & pennies

I'm still hung over from all the smiles and cheer from the weekend. The little boy's laughter was very intoxicating. And it didn't really take much to make him happy.

On Saturday we brought him to the Family Fun Day activity at Como Park to see his favorite PBS Kids characters.

Como Park is a zoo and conservatory in the middle of the city dedicated to inspire appreciation for nature and all living things. The best thing about it is admission is free! So while we were there, we also visited the Giraffe, Gorillas, Sea Lions, Flaminngos, Lions, Tiger and Leopard.

The highlight of the afternoon was ice cream and hotdogs.

It's hard to imagine that as soon as we got home from that glorious little outing, we were greeted with a tornado warning. Thankfully, we were spared.

On Sunday, as soon as the rain clouds disappeared and the sun came out, we went to the Lyndale Park Rose Garden for a stroll and to throw some pennies in the fountain. I wished for all our days to be as simple and blissful as that weekend.

I wonder if Bud will remember these times as fondly as I do?


patricialoves said...

this is so sweet trix! miss you guys :) when will you visit manila again? wish sia can play with bud!


The Missus said...

thanks, pat! we miss all of you too! i really wish bud could reunite will all his manila friends soon.


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