Wednesday, May 11, 2011

bauble challenge: day two

Top: striped tee from H&M
Pants: white jeans from Bench (gift from SIL, Tish)
Shoes: denim ballet flats from Gap
Accessory: bib necklace from Avatar (gift from SIL, Jack)

It seems like we totally skipped spring this year. After the last snow fall in the first week of May, temperatures suddenly shot up. It already feels like summer!

'Tis already the season for short dresses and skirts but I still opted to wear pants. Today was a school day so I had to be ready to rough it out. The white jeans paired with a simple striped tee was a practical choice. I finished off the ensemble with a bib necklace in torquoise and coral.

I was going for understated chic. Do you think I was able to pull it off?


Anonymous said...

yes :) nice

The Missus said...

thanks anonymous!


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