Thursday, January 20, 2011

weekly dose of saccharine

Have I ever mentioned how much I love dessert? I love it as much as I love shoes. I need to have my daily dose of saccharine treats like a baby needs milk. I'm not exaggerating. Ice cream and cookies are staples in our weekly grocery list. On occasion, I bake my own pastries just so I can control the amount of butter and sugar I consume.

This week I've had the pleasure of indulging in these sweet delights.

I received a box of Sprinkles Cupcakes with Red Velvet, Coconut, Black and White and Banana flavors from my Aunt who lives in LA. Heaven in a box! I've always wondered what all the hype was about and now I understand. The cupcakes were dense, moist and generously frosted. Each flavor perfectly concocted - not overly sweet. My favorite would be the Red Velvet. What's yours?

My Aunt (bless her) also sent me a box of macarons from Paulette. Her Christmas present arrived a little late but I'm not complaining, not at all. These macarons may be small but they pack a punch of flavors so even if it's a bit pricey per piece you still get your money's worth. The pistachio and columbian coffee are my favorites. I'm already mulling the idea of sending myself a box of these delectable bites on Valentines.

Last night I baked two pans of blueberry loaves to take to our playdate this morning but only one pan made it to the playdate. Guess what happened to the other loaf?

Somebody couldn't keep his little hands off it. This hand is too small to be mine. I reckon I'm not the only sweet tooth in this family.

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