Friday, January 7, 2011

november & december to remember

2010 ended on a high note. Despite being away from home for a over a year now, we were fortunate to have spent time with family in November through December. Here are some highlights of the last two months that I've been "silent".

We flew to Northern California for a fun reuinon with P's mom and siblings and their families.

visited the touristy sites in SFO: Golden Gate bridge, Fisherman's Warf, Palace of Fine Arts

had our fill of decadent Filipino food at the Pinoy hotspot, Intramuros, in San Bruno

savored grown up conversation over wine at Robert Mondavi in Napa Valley

had a lovely picnic lunch at Taylor's in Napa Valley

Bud was just happy to be reunited with his bg cousin again

We were still hung over from all the fond memories from our Northern California trip when my parents and brother arrived in time for Thanksgiving.

Our whole family spent Thanksgiving with our foster family here in Minnesota

A couple of days after Thanksgiving we celebrated P's birthday. For a change, my mom took over the kitchen and prepared a feast for P. We also took advantage of the extra set of helping hands and went out on a date without the little boy.

Then came the BIG event (the real reason why my parents were here), Bud's 2nd birthay party!

There's nothing like time spent with family to make the holidays more special.

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