Monday, January 10, 2011


I was channel surfing tonight when I came across Kendra on E! and was pleasantly surprised to see that thay were in Minnesota! Apparently her hubby, Hank, is now playing for the Vikings and is currently residing at the SWS Condos, the same condo where Bud had his 2nd birthday party. What a coincidence, both Baby Hank and Bud celebrated their birthdays at the same venue only a week apart. I must say though, our party seemed more fun than his, haha! Here are more photos of Bud's clubhouse party.

The banners were designed by my cousin, Mikko

The balloon arrangements and risers were all DIY projects. I taped the balloons to chopsticks and used some empty bottles, which I wrapped in printed tissue, to hold them up. The risers were empty shoe boxes that I also wrapped in printed tissue.

Since it was too cold outside, we setup tents, tunnels, balls and mats in the venue for the kids to play with.
I also prepared white shirts for all the kids to personalize and decorate with paints and markers (and lots of help from their moms).

We had sandwiches, hotdogs and lots of sweet treats for the kids and a full buffet spread of Pinoy food for the mommies and daddies. Special thanks to my husband for preparing all the yummy food. After this party, I think P can seriously consider catering as an alternative career.

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patricialoves said...

happy happy birthday to bud!!! we miss you guys already! can't wait to re-introduce sia to your buddie :)


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