Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Signing Time

I've read quite a number of articles warning parents against the "dangers" of letting our babies/toddlers watch tv and videos. As with everything else, I believe watching tv in moderation is fine. What's really important is screening what our children watch. There are a lot of shows and videos out there that are really educational and entertaining. One of my favorite set of DVDs is Baby Signing Time. It's great for teaching our little ones how to communicate through sign language while they're not able to speak yet. Believe me, it works! We've watched several signing DVDs and the Baby Signing Time format has proved to be most engaging and effective. It's a sing-along video that showcases different babies doing the signs so it's very encouraging. Don't expect your baby to learn all the signs in one sitting though. It takes time but with repetition (and persistence), they'll learn. I'm a huge advocate of signing specially since it's Bud's primary language at the moment. Bud is not speaking yet and so signing allows him to express himself even without words. What really amazes me is even if he can't speak yet, he's learned to always say please and thank you.

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