Thursday, January 6, 2011

holidays are over

After hours of playing, feeding, cooking and cleaning I finally get the chance to sit down, drink my tea and open my blog. I know I have been deliquent with the updates. It's mostly because my brother was vacationing with us up until yesterday and P was also on leave from work most of December.

As I type now, I am overcome with nostalgia and solitude. The first few days of being away from family is the hardest and it doesn't help at all that I just put down all the yultide decorations. The holidays are truly over.

a photo with my brother taken on New Year's Eve

I found that the best way for me to deal with separation is through cleaning. It's geat distraction plus all the reorganizing helps me get back to my routine.

How do you deal with goodbyes?

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amischmashedlife said...

Hi Trix! Glad to have you back to blogoshere! I was getting worried I haven't seen a post from you in weeks or months, is it?

Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday over there. Wishing you all a great, great year ahead!!!

We missed you in Bohol! Hugs to Bud and belated happy birthday to him too!

Haay goodbyes are never easy.. but one thing I learned when we lived in Singapore, it gets better each day. You just have to distract yourself and keep busy. I'm sure Bud will happily take care of that.



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