Monday, July 25, 2011

weekend roundup

You are now looking at the winner of the 30-39yo female category of the 2011 10k Superhero Run in St. Paul last Saturday. In case you still don't recognize me, I'm the one on the right with the white cap. The other pretty lady is my running buddy, Minet. But just to set things straight, there were only 6 females in my age group and we were all amateurs running to stop child abuse in Minnesota. You know what else, there were only 23 of us who ran the 10k and I was the 11th person to finish at 55 minutes and 24 seconds. It was really all for fun so I hope you don't think I'm bragging. Well maybe a little.

But seriously, I felt really good that I finished faster than I expected. My time to beat was 58 minutes which is the Mister's time when he ran 10k in Manila 2 years ago. I guess all the running I did in 100 degree temperature with a jogging stroller paid off. Now the question is, am I ready for a half marathon by September? We'll see.

Speaking of marathons, the Mister and I did a 3-movie marathon Saturday evening. We found a drive-in theater that showed 3 movies for only $8/head. We figured that would be the best way for us to catch up on summer flicks. The conditions were ideal - it was late enough and dark enough so the little boy fell asleep on his carseat while we enjoyed our movies and stuffed ourselves with hotdogs, nachos, popcorn and chocolates.

Hope you were able to spend your weekend doing something that you're passionate about.


Faye said...

congrats Trix and Minet!:)

patricialoves said...

we're so proud of you trix!! wow 10k. that's really awesome :) it's great that you and the Mr. are so into this :) congratulations!!

vitaMinn style said...

BIG congrats!!! So what's next, a full marathon?? We will be there to cheer you on! :D

The Missus said...

Thanks, ladies! If I can run 10k, anybody can. Just do it, haha! Half marathon, here I come!


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