Wednesday, July 13, 2011

photo archive

Look what I unearthed over the weekend - photos from my pre-Missus life!

Playing PA to Aga while managing a California junket in 2006.

During the whole trip he was teasing me that I was going to get married that year. And I did!

My last TV commercial shoot before becoming the Missus.

Have I ever mentioned that I was able to pull off a wedding with only 2 months to prepare (and an ad campaign to launch)?

Double trouble.
I'm referring to myself and my former boss.

Donna Cruz was really stunning in person without making any effort.
We all looked blah next to her.

My self esteem went up a notch when I realized I was a few millimeters taller than GMA.


Faye said...

panalo yung kay Gloria LOL :)

you planned the wedding and a commercial launched in two months? galing naman!:)

The Missus said...

naku faye, the mister was based in seoul during those two months. he came back just a week before the wedding. buti nalang sanay ako sa "rush" projects with very tight timetables.


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