Thursday, June 30, 2011

playground style

A few weeks ago a lady approached me at the playground:
lady: How old is your little boy?
me: He's 2.
lady: He's so cute.
me: Oh, thanks!
lady: And you look so put together. I wish I was good in fashion.
me: Oh, thank you! (blush)

I was so flattered but before I could say anything else she had to go and run after her kid. And that was all because I was wearing purple flats and a pink trench at the playground. The trench I wore not for anything else but because it was really cool that evening.

So what's the point of telling you this story? Nothing really except to say that wearing purple flats to the playground is chic. Haha! No, but seriously, fellow moms, just because we're running after our kids doesn't mean we should dress up in trainers and sweats all the time. And just because our days are mostly spent in the car driving around our kids from one activtiy to the next, doesn't mean no one is going to notice if we don't get out of our pajamas. Well, yeah, no one would really tell you in your face. But wouldn't you want to be complimented for looking put together instead?

Now, this is the part where I show you what a wore to a playdate this week. All this talk just to have an excuse to show you my outfit.

I've been thinking about being more deliberate in showing playtime-appropriate outfits that are practical and stylish. What do you think?

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, bunnies!


vitaMinn style said...

You are always so good with colors, Trix! Love it! And yes, I agree with the mom, you are tres chic. Always!

Faye said...

we have the same shirt, got it from Gap hahaha :)) I agree with Grace, you're good with colors :) I love your style Trix!:)

Anonymous said...

Nice! I wish I could pull off bright yellow shorts!

The Missus said...

@trisha, anyone can pull off yellow shorts! you can pair it with a white or gray shirt if you want a more toned down look.


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