Monday, June 27, 2011

discovering pandora

Hello, bunnies! I just wanted to share with you a recent discovery. Have you heard of Pandora Radio? I was just recently acquainted with it and it's amazing! It's an oline radio that lets you personalize the music you want to listen to. You just type in your favorite artist or song and it will create a station that will play music that is similar to what you like. It will even give you recommendations on artists or songs that you might be interested in. A really great way to explore different sounds and discover new music.

Today I typed Laurie Berkner in Pandora and it gave me a great selection of kindie rock songs that Bud and I enjoyed listening to the whole afternoon. It's such a welcome change from the usual nursery ryhmes and Barney songs that we listen to. Kindie rock is a playful combination of intelligent lyrics and sophisticated harmonies - just how I like my music.

I'm really excited about Pandora. Just one click and we can introduce and expose our little ones to different types of music. Not to mention, it's FREE!

What songs have you been listening to lately?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember now it was here in this blog that I came across her name. I had to check her out in youtube as I've been preparing songs and activities for my Nursery class that's about to start next week. Thanks for sharing this!

The Missus said...

I like Steve Songs too. Pandora would be a great resource for you! Good luck :)


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