Sunday, September 5, 2010

weekend highlights

Last Saturday, while we were shopping at Marshall's, I was looking at a box of rice cracker trail mix and Bud kept signing that he wanted to eat it. I was surprised at how excited he was when I finally opened the pack and gave him some. Happy snacking baby = more shopping time for mommy, yipee!

busy reading and snacking while mom and dad were shopping

Sunday afternoon we attended P's office family day/sportsfest. While the daddies were playing sports, the kids were busy playing and snacking at the playground. I don't let Bud eat chips and cookies at home but that day was an exception. He saw the big kids eating chips and was asking them for some so I just let him eat. I believe it's better that he try some now rather than depriving him and run the risk of him binging on junk food when he's older. I know some moms will be raising their eyebrows at me. Hey, I'm an advocate of the saying everything in moderation.

the kids' insatiable appetites were unbelievable!

P and his team won best overall and brought home the gold medals by the way.

mommy's little champ

Today, we started the day planning to go to the last day of the Minnesota State Fair but because of the lousy weather we decided to just head over to the outlet mall and join in on the Labor Day Sale shopping madness. My favorite purchase of the day was a pair of olive green skinny cargo pants from Charlotte Russe. I won't deny that I have succumbed to the latest fall fashion trend. The pair I got was really comfortable, flattering and dirt cheap! I can imagine wearing it long and slouchy at the ankle or i can fold it and sport it cropped. I know P will think it's silly to post a photo of my pants but I couldn't find an available image online so here it is.

Long weekend is over.... back to regular programming tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great start of the week!


grnteagirl said...

on cookies and chips -- i too used to be so strict with max's diet especially before he turned 1, and then i read somewhere that from time to time we should let them have cupcakes, cookies, ice cream and such esp. if they're at a party where all the other kids are having it. this way, they don't feel deprived of it and the less we make a big deal of it, the less interested they will be. the book i was reading said that we should try to condition their young minds to not think of sweets as "treats", something that they can only have on special occasions nor use it as a bribe when they do something good. like you said "in moderation" and treat it like normal ordinary food that they can eat from time to time.

memoir of a missus said...

tina, it makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? the less you make a big deal out of it then it becomes a non-issue. i'm so glad to know there are mommies out there who share the same outlook. max looks adventurous when it comes to food. at the end of the day we should be happy that our little boys are not picky eaters.


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