Sunday, September 5, 2010

on being a SAHM

We're home! My self-proclaimed vacation is over. I was relieved to see that our house was still in one piece when we got back except for a few dead wasps along our sliding door and on kitchen floor. I wonder how they died. From starvation, maybe? The exterminator is coming next week to check where they came from. I haven't mentioned this yet but one of the downsides of living in the suburbs and being close to nature is having to live with all sorts of insects and spiders.

So, I'm back to doing chores and running errands. Not that I'm complaining, it's the opposite actually. I very much enjoy cleaning and doing the laundry. Cooking, though, is another question. It's not really my strong suit so P does most of the cooking around here. The few successful dishes I whipped up are well documented in this blog, haha!

My family and friends back home are asking how I'm able to manage doing everything without a nanny or cleaning lady. I know the idea of running a household and taking care of a kid without help is overwhelming (for us Pinoys, at least) but with practice it gets easy. My strategy is to create a routine and stick to the schedule. Establishing regular nap times and sleep time for the little one are especially important. We plan everything around Bud's sleep schedules. Remember, a well-rested toddler is a happy toddler; no whining, no worries.

The thing with planning around Bud's sleep schedule though is that I miss out on a lot of get-togethers and other night-time social activities. Just like tonight, while P and our other friends are dining and drinking at a wedding reception, I'm here at home blogging. Since Bud is still recovering from his ear infection, we didn't want to disrupt his sleep schedule by bringing him to the party.

Despite the sacrifices, I am grateful that I can afford to be a SAHM. I love that I get to witness all of Bud's "firsts". I'm savoring every minute of being his best gal in his (small) world.


grnteagirl said...

it really is most fulfilling being hands on, i love every single minute i spend with max and seeing for my very own eyes all his firsts and just how quick he is growing and adapting to this big world. it's the most amazing feeling isn't it? though i am not a SAHM since i have to work, my hat goes off to you! i am more tired on days that i have to spend the entire day with max than on days that i have to work! go figure! for the life of me, i cannot cook as well! thank god for hubbies who rule the kitchen! hope bud recovers from his ear infection. i hate EI, max gets that a lot during winter! ggrrrrr!!!

amischmashedlife said...

I can totally relate Trix! I know exactly how you feel. The only difference is, we don't have strict routines! Haha! I tried to establish regular nap times for Misch but I haven't been very successful.
You see, anything goes in our household. Thank goodness we're still intact! :)

I know what you mean when people are amazed at how we can do it, but then when you don't have a choice, you can pretty much do anything right?

I'm glad you are all doing very well over there.

Koodos to SAHMs and WAHMs!! I think all mummies need to have a taste of how it is to be a full time, hands-on mum. It's the most rewarding job in the world! :)

memoir of a missus said...

Thanks, Tina! I have very high regard for working moms like you. You've got so much more on your plate to think about and juggle around. Working or stay-at-home, all moms are amazing! :)

Miks, how I wish Bud could sleep anytime, anywhere like little Misch. I'm such a stickler for schedules. I'm trying to work on being more spontaneous especially on weekends, haha! I admire you for taking on so many projects on top of mommy duties and making it look so easy. How do you manage to look so fab while running after Misch? :)


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