Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i got told by a six year old

Yes, I just got told by a six year old at the playground!

We brought Bud to the playground the other day. Usually it's just me and the little guy who go but that day the Mister went with us and so I brought a bag of Cheetos to snack on while I watched them play.

I admit, I really have low EQ when it comes to food. We haven't even been at the park more than 10 minutes and I already brought out the bag of Cheetos. Naturally, Bud saw the bag and wanted to have what I was having. He was climbing up the slide and I told him "I will give you some when you slide down". Because I always follow through with what I say, I gave him a piece when he reached the bottom of the slide. I didn't realize there was a six year old boy watching us and I got surprised when he blurted "You give your baby Cheetos?".

I suddenly found myself looking for the right words to justify my actions to a kid. I said "It's his first time to taste Cheetos", which was the truth. It was the first time I let him taste Cheetos and now I wish I could take it back. You should have seen the look on that little boy's face. I felt so guilty!

I felt even worse was when he said "Our baby only eats fruits." I got a lecture on nutrition from a six year old!

But wait, look who else is giving her kiddos Cheetos.

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grnteagirl said...

funny you wrote about this as i was just grocery shopping with max a couple days ago and guess what he was eating while he was sitting on the shopping cart? -- a big bag of cheetos! he first wanted to popcorn so i went to the snack aisle to grab some "organic" popcorn but then the cheetos bag caught his eye and it's all he wants. i think it's good to give them these things once in awhile so they don't feel deprived of it because the more they feel deprived of something, the more they yearn for it. so giving them a taste of it takes the curiosity away and then they move on to the next "off-limits" thing. makes sense right?


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