Monday, November 8, 2010

weekend misfortune

I'll get right to the point - our car window was smashed and my purse/diaperbag was stolen last Sunday!

It was a relaxed Sunday afternoon. The sun was out and the weather was great. After playing at the park we headed off to church to pray before the service started. Since we were just going to stay for a couple of minutes I decided to just leave my bag in the car. When we returned to our car after 15 minutes, we found shattered glass on the front passenger seat and saw the whole window was smashed to pieces. Then we realized my bag was missing. That was the only thing they took. The GPS and Ipod were still in the car. Within the next hour they were able to use my check card for a $300 purchase in Target. It's a good thing service is very efficient here in the US and we were able to put a hold on all bank/card transactions in no time.

The moral of the story, never leave your bag in the car no matter what. No place is safe. Not even the church parking lot. It was a costly lesson learned. Hopefully you won't have to pay the same price.


vitaMinn style said...

Oh my!! So sorry to hear that, what a hassle. But it's ok, at least you're safe and healthy and all. Those things can be replaced.

Faye said...

awww.... bad people!:(


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