Wednesday, November 3, 2010

home improvement: toy shelf

I know I've been very deliquent with updating my blog. I can't believe how easily time passes. Even as I am typing now part of me is already going over the other to-dos that I need to attend to after this quick post.

I've been on home improvement mode for a month now and I've been trying to organize and decorate our home one area at a time. Nothing fancy or elaborate. Just trying to make it look more like a cozy home than a daycare. I get surprised with how little things like new rugs and towels could do wonders for a bathroom. Or how a few frames and a vase could change the mood in the living room.

Today I just completed my project for the week which was to decorate our "toy shelf". This particlar shelf in our living room is literally full of toys! Since it's still part of our living room, I wanted it give it a more polished look. Here's how it looked before:

Here's how it looks like now:

I just put 6 new items on the shelf and now it looks like adults DO actually live in this house!

The house is still a work in progress so I'm pretty certain I will be writing more about my home improvement projects in the coming weeks. Feel free to give me your ideas and suggestions, ladies!

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Anonymous said...

hey trix - maybe you should help me do some home improvement too! my place is just a toy dumpster...we now have 3 rooms full of toys! F's bedroom, the spare bedroom AND the living room! plus bec we don't want to hang anything on the walls since we're renting, it looks so blah! should i perhaps take pics and send to you then you can come up with some ideas? kisses, jx


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