Friday, November 5, 2010

practical design solutions

One of my bestfriends, Anonymous, sent me this message after reading this post that I wrote the other day:

maybe you should help me do some home improvement too! my place is just a toy dumpster...we now have 3 rooms full of toys! F's bedroom, the spare bedroom AND the living room! plus bec we don't want to hang anything on the walls since we're renting, it looks so blah! should i perhaps take pics and send to you then you can come up with some ideas?

I'm far from being an expert in interior design but practical I am and good taste I have so here goes trying to help out a friend in need.

To my dear Anonymous, I have a two part response to your dilema. First, let me introduce you to the renter's best interior design solution - 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips. This allows you to hang as much photos, paintings and prints without having to hammer a nail through the wall! In Manila we got them at Ace Hardware and here in the US we get it at Target or Walmart. I'm sure you have it over there in Switzerland. They also come in hooks for the heavier frames.

Aside from wall art, you can also incorporate character to your space by adding floor lamps, plants, jars and mirrors as seen in these photos.

Now to address your clutter issue, I have three words for you - storage, storage, storage! Let me share with you some of my favorite design ideas that allow us moms to organize and de-clutter without scrimping on style.

use matching baskets or bins to corral your clutter

use benches and ottomans that double as extra storage compartments

giant baskets and chests can be both decorative and functional

I hope you found these helpful, Anonymous.

Happy nesting, bunnies!

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Faye said...

the 3rd and 4th photos is nice!:) I'm really inlove with the Asian inspired home!:) love it!


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