Thursday, August 9, 2007


Now that I am married, I am slowly transitioning from being a Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City to a Desperate Housewife. If you think career-driven single women are interesting, oh boy, married women with children are even more fascinating. But at the moment, I’m neither one nor the other. I’m not single anymore but I’m not yet a mother and I still have a lot to experience being a wife.

I had lunch with the “expat wives club” recently and I really had a great time just listening to everyone. It’s amazing how a conversation can jump from one topic to the next in a single breath. Topics range from the most mundane to the most inspiring life stories. It’s tough being a wife and mother – putting others before yourself while still maintaining your own identity. Now that I can empathize with the wife bit, I feel greater admiration for women/mothers who have loved unconditionally. I see mothers in a new light. I look into their eyes and see a mixture of compassion, concern, care, resilience, grace and confidence.

I do hope to have the same maturity and depth in my soul someday. Right now I still feel like a rookie anxiously awaiting the trials and triumphs ahead of me. Do i have enough faith and resilience to overcome the adversities? Do i have enough humility and gratitude to appreciate the blessings?

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