Friday, June 15, 2007

Accidental Pork Chops

Being the typical Pinoys that we are, P and I sometimes crave for the classic porkchop with toyo. We have attempted to make it several times but every time we end up with a bitter porkchop because the toyo burns before the meat is cooked inside. But last Wednesday night, just by accident, we were able to make the perfect toyo porkchop! Originally, i was cooking Pork Steak but since it was left too long in low fire, the sauce evaporated and the chops were fried in their own fat. It ended up tasting better than originally intended (at least P thought so).

Here's our recipe for the toyo porkchop...

4 pcs pork chops
juice from 1/4 lemon
soy sauce
1/4 onion cut into rings
water (optional)

Wash the pork chops then season with salt and pepper. In a bowl or deep dish, marinade the chops with lemon juice and soy sauce. Just put enough soy sauce so that the chops are submerged in the liquid (not swimming in it). Leave it in the ref for at least 1 hour before you cook.

In medium heat, saute the onion rings until soft and brown then set aside. In the same pan, put the chops and pour the rest of the lemon-toyo marinade. Let the meat braise in the sauce at low heat. If you find the sauce too salty, you can add water to dilute it. Cook until all the sauce evaporates and the meat sizzles in its own fat. Serve the chops with onion topping.

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