Saturday, May 19, 2012

have a colorful weekend

It's graduation weekend in our household. I still can't believe the school year is over! That's nine months that just whizzed by. Before I know it, I will be sending the little guy off to college then he'll get married and start a family. Gaaah... I'm getting ahead of myself again. Sorry, graduations just tug at my emotional chords and makes me feel very sentimental.

Anyway, when we asked Bud where he wanted to celebrate his graduation, without thinking twice he answered Ihop. So that's where we're taking him today to have a pancake party. What are you plans this weekend? Here are some ideas you might like to try.

 Color block and spread some happiness. 
Claim your space in the bedroom and create a chic vignette on your bedside table.
Shop for house plants. The extra oxygen will make the home more relaxing and rejuvenating.
 Celebrate summer. Make yourself a S'more. Yummmm...
Happy weekend, Bunnies!

1 comment:

Mia Y. Marchadesch said...

I would love to spruce up my bedside and do something like this! Argh but can never get it right. Thanks for the inspiration


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