Thursday, September 8, 2011

a day at the fair

My mother-in-law arrived last weekend and we gave a her a hearty Minnesota welcome by bringing her to the State Fair. And what else is there to do in a State Fair than to eat, eat and eat. We binged on hotdog subs, corndogs, cheese curds, frozen custart and roasted corn. I also treated myself to a stick of fried Snicker bar and a cone of Sweet Martha's cookies. I was so tempted to buy a bucket of cookies but I remembered I will be running a half marathon on Saturday and didn't want to have a food coma before the race.

How was your Labor Day weekend?

Fried Snicker Bar

Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies

frozen custard

p.s. Last year's Texas State Fair here


Faye said...

The little boy enjoyed his ice cream :)

grnteagirl said...

hi trix! bud is so big na! sarap na sarap sa ice cream! by the way, i've moved my blog La Vie En Rose... you can now find me at i've missed reading your entries, hopefully i'll have some time now to catch up on my blogging friends


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