Thursday, September 15, 2011

i did it!

After weeks of training, the Mister and I finally ran our first half marathon race last Saturday, horray! But unlike the usual road race, we joined a trail race. I didn't realize what a trail race meant until we started running the course. I remember reading on the race information that 75% of the course would be on dirt trails and to expect challenging hills. It never occured to me that we would be racing on a forest hiking trail! What was I thinking? It felt more like an adventure race than a marathon. And when they said expect challenging hills, they were not kidding one bit. 

Running up the hills was not a problem. What was more challenging for me was running down. Who races down a steep dirt trail? Apparently, there are people who do it so I ran along with them. 

My biggest concern, when I finally realized what I got myself into, was tripping on a rock or sliding down the side of the hill. I had gotten through 2/3 of the race unscathed until I tripped on tree stump on the 11th mile and scraped my knee. The Mister was not surprised at all when he saw me at the finish line. He was already expecting it to happen on the first mile. At least, I was not the only one. There were quite a number of us with battle scars to show for .


I was a bit disappointed with my race time but at the end of the day I'm just proud of myself for doing something I have never thought of doing before. It was probably the most physically challenging activity I have ever done in my life. So much harder than the road race I was training for.  

photos c/o f/go photography


CATwife said...

Congratulations!! Found your blog thru MFO! I did a trail 10k a yr back in Sing.. Thoughtbid die butvwas ok.. And you did it at 21! I Enjoy running. The hubby and I run a lot too and join races:) nice way to bond!

I used to blog via CATWIFEINBKK bu now at
Keep it up.

The Missus said...

Thank you, CATWife! Trail running is hard but exciting at the same time. We might do another trail race tomorrow if it doesn't rain.

Would love to get some running tips from you. What's your training like?

Faye said...

congratulations Trix! Hat off to you!:) clap clap clap. By the way, I miss you and bud.

Jail Break said...

Wow, that's one of your fulfillment, great job. Congratulations ! Keep it up !

CATwife said...

Ha, I think Ill be the one to ask you for tips.. Your 10k was an amazing time! You must be a sprinter:) while on the other hand, a slow runner:(. But it's ok, I enjoy it

I hope we can link our blogs! Nice to touch base with EXPAT wives to compare notes:)


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