Thursday, October 14, 2010


It just occurred to me that we've been living in the US for almost a year now. This is the longest we've been away from home since we started moving around. In the previous assignments we would fly home every 3 months but now it's a different story. Oh, how I miss those regular fly backs!

That's why I was super excited for our Las Vegas trip. Aside from admiring the man-made marvel that is the strip, I was looking forward to visiting the Jollibee store to have my Chickenjoy and Jolly Spaghetti fix. And indeed I did! We even rented a car on our 3rd day in Las Vegas just to go to Jollibee (after our quick tour of Hoover Dam).

I know it's sounds cliche but being inside the store really felt like we were back home again. The store interior looked exactly like the stores in Megamall. The crew were speaking Tagalag. Even the show on their LCD was TV Patrol World! Of course, as expected, the food was langhap-sarap! Even Bud loved the chicken and spaghetti. And you know what else he loved? The mascot! He was smitten as soon as we walked in the door. What is it about this big red bee that makes it so lovable?

All this reminiscing is making me hungry!

If you're ever craving for Jollibee (like me), check out for a list of their international stores. You might get surprised that there's one near you.


Pat Ignacio said...

Love the post Trix! Todo Loyal pa rin to your old employer :) Bud looks so cute! But seriously I think I will head to Jollibee for breakfast tomorrow! Reading your blog made me hungry!

Faye said...


memoir of a missus said...

Thanks, Pat! I was trying hard not to make it seems like a press release, haha! Talking about Jollibee is like second nature to me. So did you go to Jollibee this morning? I ordered Tocino to go after our big meal just so I can taste all my favorites :)

Faye, thanks for reminding us about Jollibee!

Anonymous said...

is it really the same? i remember years ago when i ate at jolly san fran it wasn't as good. can't wait to eat jolly hotdog and fries soon!


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