Friday, July 16, 2010

Hassle-free trip to the DMV

One of the upsides of living here in the US is everything is so convenient. Government agencies are so efficient. I went to the DMV this morning to have the address on my driver's license changed and it only took 10mins! No hassle. No red tape. No need to pay extra to get ahead in the line. They even had a kids' play area for moms like me who have their kids in tow (all the time).

This really makes me think twice about going back home. Why should I settle for poor service in Manila when I can feel relaxed and stress free while running errands here? But then again, how many times do I need to go to LTO in Manila?

Hey, that gives me an idea! Will make a list of pros and cons of living in the US and living in Manila in my next post.

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