Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring shoes

Since we came here in November with only 100lbs worth of personal effects each, i only managed to bring shoes and clothes for winter. I'm not complaining though as it turned out to work to my advantage. It gave me a good excuse to go shopping!

Thanks to Gap and Old Navy, I've been able to build up my spring wardrobe without breaking the bank. What's more, i still have some leftover money from my shopping budget for another pair or 2 of shoes!

I already got a pair of white sneakers from Gap and a pair of purple flats from Kenneth Cole. Somehow these 2 pairs still don't satisfy my shoe fetish. I feel there's still something missing in my shoe arsenal. Wedges? Oxfords? Booties? After weeks of online surfing and deliberation, i finally decided that a pair of Vans oxfords would complete my ensemble. It's just what i need - chic and comfortable. It would go well with my boyfriend chinos, skinnies and jeggings. Plus it's something i can walk around in for hours especially on weekends when we're always outdoors. Kenneth Cole Slip On By

I can't wait to go to Mall of America tom to get my own pair of Sophie.... crossing my fingers that it would be all that I'm expecting it to be.

Vans Sophie

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