Saturday, March 3, 2012

sun, sand & surf

In case you were wondering why I've been awfully silent lately, it was because we went home to Manila for a much awaited reunion with our families. Of course, no vacation in the Philippines is complete without a visit to the beach. On our first week in the homeland, we headed straight to Boracay for a 5-day getaway. It was a warm welcome to feel the sun on my skin again after months of being bundled up in winterwear. But it was the little guy who really had a blast! As soon as we got to our resort, he ran to the beach, picked up a handful of sand and jumped in the water. He was fearless. I had to keep reminding myself it was okay to be spontaneous, we were on holiday.

5 days in Boracay was not enough even if all we did was swim, lounge and eat. We didn't even have time to do any of the touristy stuff like hop from island to island, snorkle, sail or ride the flyfish. Speaking of tourist-traps, can I just say, the fruit shakes from Jonah's are highly overrated. A fruit shake is a fruit shake. You can get the same fruit shake from other establishments like Jony's (just a few doors down from Jonah's) for a few pesos less. And one more thing about the shakes - I know Philippine mangoes are sweet but not that sweet. The shakes are laced with so much sugar so I always request mine prepared with only half recipe of the syrup.

If you've never been to Boracay, you definitely must go at least once to experience the powdery white sands and the clear waters. If you're looking to stay in Station 1, Sur is a great boutique resort to try. It's located right beside Two Seasons but rooms are a fraction of the cost. The staff are friendly and rooms are clean and comfortable. Even the food was unexpectedly good.


vitaMinn style said...

Welcome back! Hope we can catch up soon. Want to hear stories about your fabulous vacation!

yen said...

Beautiful pictures! They captured the fun and the delight you guys had. Good to hear that you took a break.:) Boracay is a beach bum's heaven!

Xean said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! Boracay will take away all our stress.


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