Wednesday, October 19, 2011

simple joys

Hello, bunnies! I realize I have been neglectful of my blog lately. Needless to say, some updating is in order.

Well, the inevitable birthday came up two weeks ago. My boys gave me the priceless gift of having a full day of ME-time which I spent getting pampered. As if that wasn't enough, mother nature also gave me the gift of a glorious summer day in October so we were able to enjoy the rest of the evening with a picnic at the park. 

birthday picnic with my two favorite people
A few days later, the Mister and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary as a married couple. Five years may not seem like a long time but if you add up all the years we've been together, it's more than half of my lifetime. He has been a part of my life for so long I couldn't even imagine how I would've turned out if I had not met him. Everyday I thank God for blessing me with a friend and a husband who continues to inspire me to be better. 
during a shcool project 17 years ago
the night we got engaged, june 2006
5 years later and still happily married
On a lighter note, the leaves have now litterally fallen and Bud was so excited just watching them being blown by the wind. We spend our afternoons playing with the leaves, kicking and squishing and throwing them up in the air. It's amazing how having a child has given me a new appreciation for such simple things.
fall in the city
 I hope all is well in your part of the world. Thanks for stopping by.


Yen said...

Oh, I love the picnic pic.:) What a lovely family!

The Missus said...

Thanks, Yen!


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